Civil Services Aspirant's Club

" You can't wait for inspiration

you have to go after it with a club"

COEP has long legacy in making of successful and reputed bureaucrats. Every year many students appear for civil services examination and come up with flying colours. However these efforts have been largely individual. With this in mind 'Civil Services Aspirant's Club' fondly called as CSAC aims to create common platform for students aiming for CSE.

Club arranges weekly group discussion on topics affiliated with current affairs and oriented with exam. Club believes in evolving and enhancing thinking process through group discussion. Club also arranges expert lectures and guidance lectures by bureaucrats. Juniors are in direct touch with senior students preparing for CSE, so that they can learn from senior member's experience and receive timely guidance for preparation.

Future bureaucrat should be aware of ground realities and should have some field experience in advance, with this in mind club arranges field visits to places of social importance. Unlike other clubs there is no strict induction process but club require student to be serious with their aspirations.

If your aims are high, we say limit is sky!!!

Faculty Advisor :

Dr. K. A. Patil

Secretary :

Atharva Bhagwat

TY Electrical


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