Student Welfare Forum

      With the objective of organising and fostering a sense of unity and fraternity amongst students of COEP, in August 1988, the  "Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association Of Engineers" (BANAE) was formed. BANAE is a nationwide organisation registered under the Societies Act, 1960 and Public Trust Act, 1950. Membership of the Association has a wide ranging base; engineers, people from the private sector, professionals and students wings.


       With the aim of implementing this work of BANAE at college level, STUDENT WELFARE FORUM (SWF), has been established in our college. Under this group we perform various activities such as:

1] Skill development program

2] Youth leadership program

3] Developing awareness amongst students regarding various scholarships

4] Helping financially backward students and scholars

5] Orientation program for first year students

6] Lecture series on various social and educational topics

7] 14 hours continuous study program

8] Mentorship Program

9] Stress management and time management workshops

10] Lectures on MPSC and UPSC

11] Inspirational and motivational lectures.


SWF also endeavours to bring engineers from various fields together, to work for social welfare. SWF is helpful, especially for those students who come from small towns and rural backgrounds. SWF is supported by our honourable Director and a group of other active members and students.


Those interested in the activities of the Student Welfare Forum can also visit our website​ for further information.


Contact mail id for Student Welfare Forum:


Contact Details:

Secretary : Bhagwan Wahule (8237227684)

Vice Secretary : Prashik Bhagat (8888349336)



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