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Who hasn't marvelled at the celestial wonders and experienced a sense of awe at being a part of such an infinite expanse? 
Since its foundation in 2004, the COEP Astronomy club has sought to build on this fascination and brings innovation and passion to its vision of spreading the awareness and knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the students.

The COEP Astronomy club, an ambitious team, driven by amateur astronomers, has managed to conjure up a lot of interest amongst the masses in the science and principles of astronomy.
We firmly believe astronomy is for everyone.

Integrating technical skills with astronomical science, the club has initiated many projects, some of which being the construction of one of India's largest amateur-built telescopes – a 12" Newtonian reflector, construction of mobile, inflatable planetarium dome, an amateur radio telescope etc.

The club strives to quench a student's thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events such as StarParty (a fun-filled night of star-gazing), Planetarium visits, Quiztronomy (a quiz to test people's knowledge on everything seen beyond the night sky), Telescope building and handling sessions (telescope – every astronomer's weapon), and many more. Public outreach sessions for underprivileged children school children to introduce them to the basics of Astronomy are also conducted.

Discussions and brainstorming sessions are also held every week wherein members explore the cosmos.


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