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Spandan is an initiative by COEPians, started in 2003. Ever since Spandan has touched the lives of many underprivileged people such that they look back at their painful past as an ephemeral one.They are now filled with their new-found hope and strongly believe that they can surmount their sorrow and pain and revel in this beautiful world, like most others.

SPANDAN, as its name suggests, is the concern that originates straight from the heart of every team member towards the unprivileged section of the society.Some of the activities which we conduct include celebration of Rakshabandhan in orphanages, spending time in old age home, making blind-school students self-employed, village camps, Blood Donation Camps  and much more.Times have changed now. Spandan is changing its agenda. In addition to help the underprivileged to burgeon, the members of Spandan are going to put, the Engineering and Technical Skills. they have. In line with the annual schedule, Spandan will make simple technological prototypes which can ease the lives of the people.

Team Spandan is an official club under Gymkhana, COEP Tech, that focuses on social causes and promotes social commitment among students. Through various events and activities, Team Spandan aims to give back to society and make a positive impact in the community.


Blood Donation Camp:

On 26th July 2022, Team Spandan organized a Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Armed Force Medical College on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Divas. The camp received an overwhelming response from students and faculties, with a total of 202 blood bags collected. The success of the camp was evident from the words of Major Anurag from AFMC, who said, “Yeh Aajtak Ka Sabse Bada Camp Tha” (This was the biggest camp ever).


Donation Drive – साथ: Hand to A Needy:

In November, Team Spandan conducted a Donation Drive – साथ: Hand to A Needy, with the aim of fulfilling the basic needs of the underprivileged. Over 350 people donated to the drive, and Team Spandan successfully donated clothes, books, and other items to over 650 people on the streets of Dagdu Sheth, Pune Station, FC road, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School in Patil Estate, and Malavali Vasti in Vinzar village. This event provided an opportunity for Team Spandan to see life from a different perspective.


Inauguration Ceremony:

In January, Team Spandan conducted an Inauguration Ceremony of the club, where Dr. Abhijit Sonawane – “The Doctor for Beggars” from Pune, was invited as a guest. Dr. Sonawane shared insights on the topic “भिक्षेकरी ते गावकरी….. एक प्रवास” (From begging to village work…a journey). It was a great experience for the club members to hear from Dr. Sonawane in person.


Second Blood Donation Camp:

In February, Team Spandan organized the second Blood Donation Camp in collaboration with Sassoon Hospital. The camp received an amazing response, with 359 blood bags collected and over 630 people willing to donate. The success of the camp further motivated Team Spandan to continue their efforts in promoting blood donation.


Orphanage Teaching Activity:

Team Spandan has also been consistently working on an Orphanage Teaching Activity at Shambhu Raje Anath Ashram in Pune. Club members distributed classes among themselves and started teaching the orphanage students. As of February end, 13 weeks of teaching had been completed, with many more to come. It has been a gratifying experience for Team Spandan to contribute to the education of these students and witness their progress.


Future Plans:

Team Spandan has plans to conduct a grand fest in which various NGOs can participate, and students can explore different perspectives of the world. The club aims to continue organizing events and activities that promote social commitment and create a positive impact in the community.



Team Spandan has had a successful year so far, with impactful events such as Blood Donation Camps, Donation Drive, Inauguration Ceremony, and Orphanage Teaching Activity. The club is committed to its goal of promoting social awareness and making a difference in the society. With future plans in place, Team Spandan looks forward to continuing its efforts in the coming year.


Faculty Advisor :- Dr.Mrs.Archana Thosar

Secretary: Omkar Pardeshi

Contact: +91-8369595428


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