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Robot Study Circle (known as RSC) is a community of students guided by faculty members, industrial experts & alumni, who find pleasure in Robotics. It is a platform for like-minded people to come together, share knowledge and strive to create futuristic automated machines.

The objective of Robot Study Circle is to build international quality Robots, that will prove to be useful in a variety of environments, especially in the industries.


Project Completed In RSC:

  1. Basic Line Tracer Robot
  2. Autonomous Chess Playing Robot
  3. Quadrotor
  4. Under Water Autonomous Vehicle  (Fish robot)  (Won Best Mini Project Award 2011)
  5. Fire Extinguisher Robot (Won Best Mini Project Award 2012)
  6. Wireless Image Transmission
  7. 5-Band Graphic Equalizer
  8. Bomb Detection Disposal Squad Assisting robot
  9. Autonomous Rubik’s Cube solving Robot
  10. Hydroquadrotor
  11. Can Picker Robot (Won Best Mini Project Award in 2013)

Ongoing Projects:

  1. Wall Climbing Robot
  2. Under Car Scanner
  3. Quadrotor Base Surveillance
  4. Under water wireless communication
  5. Hovercraft


  1. Design & Manufacturing of Robot for Pune Police Bomb Detection & Desposal Squad
  2. Best Idea Award in Robocon 2014
  3. Best Innovative Design Award in Robocon 2013
  4. 2nd Runner-up at ABU Asia Pacific ROBOCON 2012
  5. 2nd Runner-up at ABU Asia Pacific ROBOCON 2011
  6. Best Manual Operator Award at ABU Asia Pacific ROBOCON 2011
  7. Forbes Marshall outstanding project Award for year 2009-10 to Robot Study Circle team for Design & Development of Quad rotor.
  8. COEP  Alumni Association’s best project Award to a team from Robot    Study Circle for Design and Manufacturing of Self Balancing Personal Transportation Vehicle (Mechanical Department).
  9. COEP  Alumni Association’s best project Award to two teams from Robot Study Circle(E&TC Department):
  10. Autonomous  Underwater  Vehicle (First prize).
  11.  Gesture  Controlled  Robotic  Arm (Fourth Prize).


Faculty Advisor: Dr.S.S.Ohol


Contact Us:

Project Head: Amit Kharat 

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Robotics & Automation LAB, Production Engineering Department,

COEP, Wellesly Road, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411005.


Tel.No: 020-25507366


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