COEP Cultural Acting Gets a Hat-Trick

The Cultural Acting Team of our college have now added a hat-trick to their long running list of achievements. The acting team stood out at Mood Indigo, the Cultural Festival hosted by IIT Powai by getting placed in the Top 5.

This was the first time that COEP finished Fourth at Mood Indigo, which was held in December 2016, despite facing nation-wide competition. They also had their debut performances at the Sarpotdar Karandak and Grafitti. The Sarpotdar Karandak, an Impromptu Act Competition, was organized by BMCC, where our team bagged the 2nd position. Their play focused on the problems faced by the LGBT couples, and how they are commonly ostracized from the society. The position for the 2nd best actor award was also bagged by one of the members of the team. Grafitti’17 was organized by the Symbiosis School of Management in the month of January, 2017. Our team stood at the First Position for their fantastic mime act that was based on the critical issue of the hour, Harassment of Women. It depicted the tendency of the society playing the roles of mannequins. It portrayed how the society usually either blames the woman for her own harassment or just watches as bystanders without speaking out or taking necessary actions. The Cultural Acting Team deserves special appreciation for the topics they have explored and presented through an art form. These are issues that need continuous portrayal in all forms of media and art. Attention towards them is a need of the hour and COEP’s cultural team has made us proud by doing such a wonderful job.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

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