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Our esteemed Institute known as College of Engineering, Pune is the second oldest Educational Institute in India known as Government College of Engineering, Pune in the erstwhile Bombay Province.  It was established in1854 and has achieved superlative reputation in the field of high quality technical education, not only in the country, but at global level and has served the nation for over 157 years by producing alumni like Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visvesvarayya, Padma Bhushan Prof. Thomas Kailath and many other eminent personalities have walked through the portal of their ‘Alma Mater’.  It is an aspiration of every bright spark from all over the country/ Maharashtra, including rural areas to study in this Great Institution. 

COEP is a traditional trend setter, and was granted autonomy in 2004 and was also one of the first few engineering institutions in Maharashtra to be selected by the World Bank for Technical Education Quality Improvement  Programme. Thereafter, quantum jumps have been made by the institution in all fields and as on date COEP is a known trade mark world over.

COEP with credo that “Green is Clean” also took the initiative in the field of planting trees and landscaping. The campus including hostel is lush green with trees and many iconic trees reflect the heritage and traditions of COEP. It is a matter great pride and satisfaction that probably COEP may be the first institute to carry out a detailed census of the tress with all relevant details and specific number. Needless to say, we treat them like human beings and nurture them like children.         

  Each tree of the campus has been identified with a special identity number and the list of all the trees has been displayed on the web site of the college. With our credo as mentioned above, we pledge to turn each and every available space in our campus as an oxygen producing laboratory. Please have a tour through our green avenues to spread Green Message.  

Academic Complex :

North (Mula) Campus

South (Mutha) Campus

Hostel Campus


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