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Dr. C. M. Deshpande dcm.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507127
Mrs. R. S. Kulkarni rpm.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507130
Dr. K. V. Dalvi ( HOD ) kvd.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507125
Mrs. A. B. Dhere abd.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507129
Mrs. N. V. Shinde nvs.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507134
Dr. Y. M. Mahatekar yvs.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507131
Dr. P. M. Shinde  shindepm@coep.ac.in  020-25507133
Dr. P.U. Shikhare pus.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507135
Mr. D. N. Ghayatadak dng.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507136 
Dr. S. A. Tapadia sat.maths@coep.ac.in 020-25507137
Dr. M.S.Dhande  msd.maths@coep.ac.in  020-25507128


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