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Vision & Mission

The vision of the Department of Production Engineering and Industrial Management is:

To become a nationally acclaimed department which will serve as a preferred provider of Manufacturing Engineering students and services that satisfy the changing needs of all customer segments.

The mission of the Department of Production Engineering and Industrial Management is:

  • Foster, create and develop capacity amongst students to become future leaders in academia, government, industries and entrepreneurial pursuit through a rigorous curriculum of theory and application that develops the ability to solve problems individually and in teams.
  • To keep abreast with latest development in academics/industry and continuously upgrade the skill sets of all involved.
  • Create knowledge of fundamental principles and innovative technologies through learning teaching and research within core area of manufacturing cutting across various disciplines.
  • To provide career guidance for higher education and to facilitate academics - industry interaction.
  • Strive continuously to pursue excellence in all the areas of manufacturing while consciously meeting the expectations of the people it serves with a deep awareness of ethical responsibilities and human values.

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