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Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Tripathi


Assitant Professor




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Teaching Experience: 


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Research Experience: 



B.E. (Civil): MNIT Bhopal (1993-1997).
M. Tech. (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering):IIT Delhi (1997-1998).
Ph.D.(Geotechnical Engineering): IITBombay (2001-2006).


Teaching Responsibility: 

For M Tech (Geotechnical Engg.) (i) Ground Improvement Methods (ii) Advance Foundation Engineering (iii) Reinforced Earth Wall and Geotextiles (iv) Environmental Geo techniques
(v) Lab Practices (I and II)
For BTech (Civil Engg.): (i) Advance Foundation Engg. (ii) Advance Geotechnical Engg. and (iii) Foundation Engg. (iv) Transportation Engineering Lab

For FY BTech: Engineering Mechanics (Theory and Lab)

Additional Responsibility: 

Computer Lab Incharge;
Summer course coordinator (previously);
BTech faculty Advisor


Papers Published
1. K.K.Tripathi (2013). Hydraulic Conductivity Prediction of Saturated Sand-Bentonite Mixtures" Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 581-591

2. KK Tripathi and B.V.S.Viswanadham (2012). Evaluation of permeability behaviour of sand-bentonite mixtures through laboratory tests. Indian Geotechncial Journal, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp 267-277

3. KK Tripathi and Nagesha M. (2010). Discharge capacity requirement of prefabricated vertical drains. Geotextiles and Geomembranes: Volume 28 (1), pp. 128-132.

4. Nagesha M S, KK Tripathi and Suresh. K Gupta (2008). Pressure dispersion from a preloaded embankment on soft marine clay. Proc. Indian Geotechncial Society Conference, Hyderabad.

5. BVS Viswanadham and KK Tripathi (2006). Non-uniform settlement behavior of sand-bentonite liners in a geotechnical centrifuge. Proc. Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, 6th ICPMG’ 06-Ng, Zang and Wang (eds), Taylor and Francis Group, London.

6. KK Tripathi and BVS Viswanadham (2005). Ascertainment of bentonite content for sand-bentonite liner. Proc. Tenth international waste management and landfill symposium. Cagliary, Itley.


Current Projects : 

a) Details of MTech Projects Supervised at Department of Civil Engineering, COEP
1. Vidya U. Khanapure (2010) Development of a multiple truss system for the plate load test
2. Farahnaz Darikandeh (2010) Development of an undisturbed sampler for laboratory large box direct shear test
3. Tanveer I. Bagwan (2011) Development of an In-situ torsional direct shear test device
4. Abhijit Patil (2012) Utility of undisturbed sampler in large box direct shear test
5. Amarendra Gosavi (2012)Plate load test on c-Φ soil with reduce plate size
6. Pravin Dussa (2012) Modifications in multiple truss setup for plate load test
7. Prachi P. Veer (2013) Hydraulic conductivity and chemical compatibility of a modified GCL.
8. Harsh U. Rajput (2013) Study of bearing capacity and settlement using small scale plate load test
9. K.D. Waghmare (2013): Modification of an in-situ torsional direct shear test device
10. Mahesh B. Shedekar (2013): Shear strength of soil using in situ torsional direct shear test device

b) Details of BTech Projects Supervised at Department of Civil Engineering, COEP
1. Mangesh Khadse, Mahesh Kohle, Naved Sayyed, Rohit Wasnik and Rajkumar Tyagi (2011): Design of loading platform for multiple truss system used in plate load test
2. Rakesh Borse, Sonal Patil, Rohit Pawar, Raghwendrassingh Rajput and Yogiita Shinde (2011): Modification in standard penetration test

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