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Dr. Leena Jadhav


Applied Science


Phone Number: 

+91 20 2550 7554


Teaching Experience: 


Research Experience: 



  • B.A., 2002, SavitribaiPhule Pune University
  • M.A., 2004, SavitribaiPhule Pune University
  • M.Phil., 2010, SavitribaiPhule Pune University
  • Ph.D.,2017, Shivaji University Kolhapur

Other Qualifications

  • BEC (Business English Certificate) Higher (Cambridge University)
  • Teaching knowledge Test (TKT) (Cambridge University)
  • Completed ‘NLP SUBCONSCIOUS REIMPRINTING MASTER PRACTITIONER CUM COACH PROGRAMME’ organized by Midas Touch at Pune from July 19-23, 2017.
  • Completed ‘A Basic Course in Spanish’ from Let’s Talk Academy, Pune.
  • Completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sanskrit Linguistics from Pune University in the academic year July 2005 – March 2006.

Teaching Responsibility: 

  • A course in “Professional Communication” to F.Y. B. Tech students
  • A course in “Humanities” to F.Y. M. Tech students
  • A remedial course in English entitled “A Course in Communicative English” to M. Tech students
  • A course in “Effective Communication Skills” to F.Y. B. Tech students
  • A course in “Effective Technical Communication” to F.Y. M. Tech students
  • A remedial course in English entitled “A Course in Communicative English” to M. Tech students

Additional Responsibility: 

  • Prepared a syllabus for a remedial course in English to be conducted for M. Tech students
  • Mentor of a batch formed during the induction programme of F.Y. B. Tech students
  • Faculty Advisor for the Personality Development Club


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Memberships and Affiliations: 

  • Executive Joint Secretary of the Pune Chapter of English Language Teachers’ Association
  • Life member of Linguistic Society of India


Faculty Development Programmes Attended:

  • 4-Day Online Workshop on ‘Train the Trainers on Examination Reforms’ organized by BVG College of Engineering & Technology, Hubballi from 4th December to 7th December 2020.
  • 5-Day Online FDP on ‘Universal Human Values for Deeksharambh (Student Induction Programme’ organized by National Institute of Technology Patna during 23-27 November 2020.
  • One Day Online Webinar Sponsored by NBA on ‘Awareness Webinar on Outcome Based Education & Accreditation’ organized by National Board of Accreditation, Delhi on 27th November 2020.
  • An online Certification Course on ‘Digital Teaching Techniques’ organized by ICT Academy from 27th July 2020 to 1st August 2020.
  • A Workshop on Statistical Data Analysis Using SPSS’ organized by the Department of Statistics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. (Duration: 6th June 2016 – 11th June 2016)
  • Participated in the ‘Training Programme on Development & Delivery of Self-Learning Material (SLM)’ organized by Indira International Distance Education Academy, Pune. (Duration: 23rd April 2010 – 24th April 2010)
  • Cambridge English Teachers Support Workshop in ‘Developing the Four Skills in Preparation for Cambridge English Business Certificates (BEC)’ organized by Cambridge English Language Assessment. (Duration: 28th September 2013 to 29th September 2013.
  • Workshop for English Language Teachers and Trainers in ‘Teaching Business English in the Classroom’ organized by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. (Duration: 2nd September 2010 to 3rd September 2010)
  • Workshop for BEC Trainers focusing on ‘Developing Business English Teacher/
  • Trainers’ organized by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations on 17th December 2010.
  • Attended teacher training programmes by Trinity College London for GESE examination.

Webinars Conducted:

  1. A guest lecture on the topic ‘Career Opportunities for English Graduates’ in the National Level Lecture Series organized by Vivekananda College Kolhapur
  2. A webinar on the topic ‘Say it Right’ on 4th June 2020 in the Two Day National Webinar on  “Communication and Aspects of Effectiveness” organized by Gokhale Education Society’s, Arts Commerce & Science college, Shreewardhan.
  3. A webinar on the topic ‘Enhancing Speaking Skills of Students’ organized by Entire Maharashtra English Language Teachers' Association (eMELTA) on 9th September 2020.
  4. A session on ‘Elizabethan Literature’ in the National Level NET/SET Training organized by Devchand College Arjunnagar on 27th August 2020.
  5. A webinar on the topic ‘Teaching Activity Based Grammar’ organized by Mumbai English Educators' Team (MEET) on 3rd September 2020.
  6. A webinar on the topic ‘Research Based Teaching’ organized by the Pune Chapter of English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELT@I) on 14th June 2020.
  7. A webinar on the topic ‘Using Technology to Teach English Grammar’ for English teachers at LangLit’s Educators Forum on 1st May 2020


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