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Dr. Nitin M. Mohite






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Teaching Experience: 


Industry Experience: 



Ph. D. (Water Resources Engineering)

Teaching Responsibility: 

Responsibilities: U.G.

1) Engineering Mechanics

2) Fluid Mechanics-II

3) Strength of Material

4) Plumbing Services


1) Channel and River Hydraulics

2) GIS and Remotesensing

3) Urban Hydrology, Storm Water
Management and Pipe Network

Additional Responsibility: 

1) Fluid Mechanics Lab In-Charge

2) Plumbing Lab In-Charge

3) Department Training and Placement In-

4) Building and Works committee (BWC) member

5) Rector E Block, Hostel Campus College of Engineering, Pune,


International Journal

1)Nitin M. Mohite and Sandeep Narulkar(2010) “Optimization of an Inter-Basin Water Transfer in India.” International Journal of Ecology and Development (IJED), 15(1), 54-65.

2)Shivaji G. Patil and Nitin M. Mohite (2013) “Identification of Ground Water Potential Zones using Geo Informatics in Upper Bhima Basin, Pune Maharashtra India” International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 4(5),1178-1183.

National Journal
1)Nitin M. Mohite and Sandeep Narulkar (2010) “Single Reservoir Optimization using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.” J. Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS) Vol. (30), No 1, 46-53.

International/ National Conferences = 5

1)Nitin M. Mohite and P. B. Ullagaddi (1999). “Status of Kolhapur Type Weirs in
Nanded District of Maharashtra State” Proceedings of National seminar on Technology Management beyond 2000. Gramin Polytechnic, Nanded, 23rd & 24th Nov 1999, Pp 169-171.

2)Nitin M. Mohite and Sandeep Narulkar (2007). “Application of Genetic Algorithm in Reservoir Design and Operation: An Overview” National Seminar on Soft Computing Methodology (NSSCM-07), GEC, Ujjain, 19-20 March, 2007.

3)Nitin M. Mohite and Sandeep Narulkar (2008) “Optimization of Inter-Basin Water Transfer through Inter-Linking of rivers: A Case Study” National Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Development and Management (SWRDAM-2008), Government College of Engineering Abramabad, 13th-14th June 2008, pp 52.

4)Nitin M. Mohite and Sandeep Narulkar (2011) “Application of Interior Point Algorithm for Single Reservoir Optimization.” National conference on Water for Future, 25-26 February 2011 S.G.G.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology (NCWF-2011)

5)Gauri Deshpande and Nitin M. Mohite (2013) “Ground Water Quality Core Issue of Puneites” DST Sponsored National Conference on Bioengineering Sciences –Present Status and Future Perspectives (NCBES-13), Organized by Department of Applied Science , College of Engineering, Pune, 15-16 March, 2013.


Memberships and Affiliations: 

1)International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT) Member NO.: 80333672

2)The Environmental & Water Resources Institute of American Society of Civil Engineerings (ASCE) Member No: 970716.

3)Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), honorary member of Executive committee, Pune Chapter.


Current Projects : 

B. Tech
1)(2012)Design of Water Distribution
Network for Chakan Industrial Area Phase-II

2)(2013) Design of Water Distribution
System and Rain Water Harvesting for COEP Hostel Campus

1) Shavaji Patil (2013)Identification
of Groundwater Potential Zone using

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