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Suhas M. Kakade


Assistant Professor




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Teaching Experience: 


Research Experience: 



Ph. D. (Electronics System Design - Pursuing)

M. Tech. (Electronics- Computers)

B. Tech (Electronics and Telecommunication)

Teaching Responsibility: 

• M. Tech. –
o Microcontroller and Digital Signal Processors Laboratory

• B. Tech. –
o Solid State Devices and Linear Circuits,
o Microcontrollers,
o Signals and Systems,
o Digital Signal Processing,
o Data Communication,
o Data Structure and Computer Programming,
o Basic Electronics

Additional Responsibility: 

• Lab in-charge for Analog and Digital Electronics Lab, Microcontroller and DSP Lab. 
• Mindspark (national level technical competition) organizing committee member.
• Worked as Sport advisor for Chess, Softball, Gymkhana management committee member.
• Worked as Annual gathering Sport in charge.
• Worked as ZEST(National leel sport meet), organizing committee 
• Worked in Admission committee for F.Y, S. Y. Engineering.
• Worked in M. Tech. Admission Committee.
• Worked in several other committees of COEP.


International Conferences:
1. Vineet Gokhale, Jaykrishnan Nair, Subhasis Chaudhuri and Suhas Kakade, \Network Aware Adaptive
Sampling for Low Bit-rate Telehaptic Communication", Proc. Eurohaptics, Pisa, June 13-16, 2018, pp 660 -
2. Devendrakumar H. Pal and Suhas Kakade, \Dynamic hand Gesture Recognition using Kinect Sensor" Proc.
International Conference on Global Trends in Signal Processing, Information Computing and Communication,
Jalgaon, December 22-24, 2016, pp 448- 453.
3. Devendrakumar H. Pal and Suhas Kakade, \Control of Robotic Arm using Hand Gesture Recognition",
Proc. International Conference on Advancements in Automation, Robotics and Sensing, Coimbatore, June
23 - 24, 2016.
4. Sharvin Rane, Sunil Adsol, Apekshit Chandekar, Rohan Shinde and Suhas Kakade, \Automated Irrigation
System using Xbee and Labview", Proc. 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Engineering
Trends, Communication, Optimization and Sciences, Tadepalligudem, June 1-2, 2016.
5. P. P. Bartakke, Suhas Kakade and M. S. Sutaone, \Non-Causal Simultaneous Autoregression Model based
Texture Synthesis", Proc. International Conference on Electronic Design and Signal Processing, Manipal,
December 10-12, 2009.
6. M. S. Sutaone, Suhas Kakade and P. P. Bartakke, \Automatic Neighborhood Selection for SAR models
applied to Gray Textures", Proc. TENCON, Singapore, November 23-26, 2009, pp 1-5.

National Conferences:
1. M. S. Sutaone, P. P. Bartakke and Suhas Kakade,\ Multispectral Random Field Model Based Color Im-
age Analysis and Synthesis", Proc. National Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing, Pune,
December 7-9, 2011, pp. 16-20.
2. Suhas Kakade and P. P. Bartakke, \Handwriting and Signature Recognition", Proc. National Conference
on Signal and Image Processing Applications, Pune, September 19-20, 2009, pp 1-4.

Memberships and Affiliations: 

Member IET

(Member No.:1100315579)

Current Projects : 

1. Kinesthetic Haptic Perception

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