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Dr. Mrs. Vandana Shridhar Inamdar



Associate Professor


Computer & IT


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Teaching Experience: 


Industry Experience: 


Research Experience: 



Ph.D Electronics and Telecommunication from University of Pune, 2013
M.E. Electronics ( Computer Specialization) from Pune University, 1997
B.E. Electronics from Shivaji University, 1989

Worked as a production engineer in Minilec Control Pvt. Ltd.

Teaching Responsibility: 

1) Data structures
2) Algorithm
3) Digital Design
5) Digital Signal Processing
5) Microprocessor techniques
6) Computer Graphics
7) Multimedia techniques
8) Multimedia Communication
9) Discrete Structure and Graph theory
10) Advanced Computer Architecture
11) Computer Programming

Additional Responsibility: 

1) Worked as a reviewer for various international journal and conference papers
2) Played a major role in developing and updating the curriculum of Computer UG and PG courses and UG IT courses
3) Worked as a TEQIP coordinator for department.
4) Coordinated short term course on “ Multimedia Application development on Apple system" under TEQIP networking activity
5) Worked as a member of inspection committee appointed by Director of Technical education, Mumbai
6)Worked as member of selection committee appointed by University of Pune
7) Worked as in charge of various co curricular activities of students.
8) Played a major role in industry institute interaction
9) Coordinator Nvidia CTC programme


National Conferences
1) V.K. Pachghare, Vandana Joshi ,” Digital Watermarking”, 3rd National level conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Communication and Network, Hosur, TN, 2006
2) Pawan Deshpande, Vandana Joshi , “Addressing various issues to biometric matching Complexities”, Sep. 2005 Pune India
3) kishori bangale, vandana Joshi, ‘’ News paper reading using hybrid syllabic text to speech synthesis,” National level conference in Communication, Information & telematics, CITEL 2005 pp.84-88, Hosur, Coimbatore , 2005

International Conferences
1) Sonika C. Rathi and Vandana S. Inamdar “ Analysis of Watermarking Techniques For Medical Images Preserving ROI” CCSEA, SEA, CLOUD, DKMP, CS & IT 05, pp. 297–308, 2012., CS & IT-CSCP 2012, DOI : 10.5121/csit.2012.2230
2) Ms. Snehal A. Kambale, Mrs. Vandana .S Inamdar ,” Gabor filter for Feature Extraction: A Review” Proc. of the International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (ACCT 2011) pp.268-271
3) Jyoti Kulkarni, A.A. Sawant, Mrs. V.S. Inamdar, "Database Processing by Linear Regression on GPU using CUDA ," presented for International conference on Signal Processing, Communication Computing and Networking Technologies (ICSSCN 2011), 21,22 July 2011
4) Ms. Vandana Inamdar , Priti Rege, “Speech as a Biometric Watermark for Digital Images Using Stationary Wavelet Transform “, at IEEE international conference on Computer Technology and Development (ICCTD 2010), Cairo Egypt in Nov.2010
5) Vandana s. Inamdar , Dr. Priti Rege, Ms. Aarati Bang ,” Speech based
watermarking of digital images”, IEEE international conference TENCON
Nov.2009, Singapore
6) Gyankamal chajjed , Vandana S Inamdar , Vahida Attar, “Steganography in Black and white picture images,” IEEE CISP 2008 International Congress on Image and signal Processing Sanya, China May 2008
7) Pallavi Dalal, Vandana Joshi ,” “Clustering of Automobile Information Using Self Organizing Maps”, IEEE International Conference TENCON 2003, Bangalore Oct.2003 Vol. 4 pp. 1267-1271


International journal

8) Vandana Inamdar, Priti Rege, Chandrama Thorat ,”Rotation Scale Invariant Semi Blind Biometric Watermarking Technique for Color Image “ACEEE International journal on signal and image processing, Vol 3, Issue 1, 2012, PP.15-20, ISSN 2152-5056 (online)
9) Vandana S Inamdar and Priti P Rege ,” Face Features Based Biometric Watermarking of Digital Image Using Singular Value Decomposition for Fingerprinting” International Journal of Security and Its Applications ,Vol. 6, No. 2, April, 2012 , pp.47-60, ISSN 1738-9976
10) Sonika C. Rathi and Vandana S. Inamdar ,” Medical Images Authentication Through Watermarking Preserving ROI “ Health Informatics - An International Journal (HIIJ) Vol.1, No.1, August 2012, PP 27-42
11) “ Offline Handwritten Signature based Blind Biometric Watermarking and Authentication Technique using Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform”, International Journal in Computer Applications , Dec.2010, (0975 – 8887) Volume 11– No.1, November 2010
12) Performance Improvement in Large Graph Algorithms on GPU using CUDA: An Overview, International Journal in Computer Applications , Nov .2010, (0975 – 8887) Volume 10– No.10, November 2010
13) Meenkshi Aarya,Vandana Inamdar ,“A Preliminary Study on Various Off-line Hand Written Signature Verification Approaches” International Journal in Computer Applications , Feb.2010
14) Nilima Khachare, Vandana Inamdar, “Survey of Face Recognition Techniques”, International Journal of Computer Applications , Feb. 2010
15) Anagha Kulkarni, Vandana Inamdar, “CifrarFS – Encrypted File System Using FUSE”, International Journal of Computer Science and Security , (IJCSS) Volume (3) : Issue (4), October 2009, CSC Press, Computer Science Journals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
16) Amol Jaikar, Vandana Joshi ,”Computational Performance Improvement of steganography Using GPU,” CIIT International Journal of Image processing June 2009
17) Vahida Attar, Vandana S. Inamdar, ‘’ Materialized views in data mining,” International Journal of computer Science and network security, Korea, Dec.2007

Memberships and Affiliations: 

Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication engineers, IETE
Indian society of Technical education ,ISTE
IEEE, Signal Processing Society
International Association of Computer science and Information technology, IACSIT

Current Projects : 

AICTE RPS, AICTE-MODROB projected completed

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