Ramanujan Mathematics Club

Ramanujan Mathematics Club is a student-initiated academic group dedicated to serving the needs and interests of all students enthusiastic about mathematics.

We are a gathering of like-minded students who appreciate the adept and creative thinking that mathematics is all about. Aimed at illuminating various concepts and inculcating more interest in Mathematics, we try to make it entertaining as well as informative. 
Throughout the year, we organise mathematical competitions, talks by various professors and students, workshops, and numerous other informal and formal sessions, giving students a way to explore mathematics that normally wouldn’t be discussed in the classroom. We also meet semi-regularly throughout the semester to engage in conversation and the enjoyment of mathematics.
All are welcome to become members, regardless of branch or year.


  • To build a strong mathematics student community.
  • To provide opportunities to students for enabling them to explore areas of mathematics outside the classroom, enhance inter-student communication and co-operation and begin preparing for future careers in mathematics.
  • To support and encourage the study of undergraduate mathematics by fostering professional growth, development and interest in the mathematical sciences amongst the students.

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