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Intelligent, ever-motivated, logically sound, witty and a true seeker, is what we engineers pride ourselves to be. But inside each of us, is a small innocent soul, stumbling and learning as it grows up. In this process of growing, each of us develops his/her own philosophy of life. To provide a platform, an outlet to the philosopher inside each of us, the 'Philomystics' club was started in the college. Throughout the year, the group organizes guest lectures as well as many talks by students, in addition to informal discussions and debates amongst the crowd of enthusiasts!

The name Philomystics is a combination of two words - philosophy and mysticism. These two words have a subtle, but important difference between them. It is the difference between talking and thinking all possible ways of crossing a river, and actually crossing it.  In this increasingly material-oriented world of ours, there is less and less space for the heart to fly freely. Technology provides us with unimaginable power in hands, but only with a little spiritual nudging, can the power be safely channelized.

The group discussions and lectures are free for all interested people, from the college as well as outside. No auditions are required to be given. Anyone interested can freely express his/her own opinions and ideas in the group. Our hopes are that this collective sharing of conscious thoughts can help every seeker walk his path more positively!


For further details contact:

General Secretary:

Vivek Shete

Contact: +91 77749 91134

Students' Coordinator:

Sunil Sumbhe

Contact: +91 84467 31243


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