Spandan ->  Transforming from Social to Techno-Social!!


Spandan is an initiative by COEPians, started in 2003. Ever since Spandan has touched the lives of many underprivileged people such that they look back at their painful past as an ephemeral one.They are now filled with their new-found hope and strongly believe that they can surmount their sorrow and pain and revel in this beautiful world, like most others.

SPANDAN, as its name suggests, is the concern that originates straight from the heart of every team member towards the unprivileged section of the society.Some of the activities which we conduct include celebration of Rakshabandhan in orphanages, spending time in old age home, making blind-school students self-employed, village camps, Blood Donation Camps  and much more.Times have changed now. Spandan is changing its agenda. In addition to help the underprivileged to burgeon, the members of Spandan are going to put, the Engineering and Technical Skills. they have. In line with the annual schedule, Spandan will make simple technological prototypes which can ease the lives of the people.

 As a member of spandan, you will get to know society better will get exposure to work towards underprivileged part of the society and as per our new agenda, you will get to polish your technological skills.

 Spandan is on its  way to become one of the very few TechnoSocial NGO's.

Join us!!

Contact  :

Faculty advisor

Ranjekar Sir : 9422015217


Santosh Gangaji : 7798006768

Koshy Thomas : 9405562304

Pooja Rathod : 9764979507

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