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The Arts and Crafts club, fondly called as 'ANC' in the college is one of the oldest, prestigious and the biggest club of COEP. Arts & Crafts club mainly organizes an exhibition at Main building where the team displays its art collection including sketches, paintings, sculptures & various crafts made during semesters. The team shows its innovation, creativity and hard work through exhibitions during MindSpark in odd semester and an annual gathering in even semester. Also, the club is instrumental in decorating the college campus during festivals like Zest, Regatta and Impressions. The club organizes its inauguration at the start of every semester for freshers or new aspirants to join.


ANC has made COEP proud by creating the Guinness World Record for the longest painting by numbers in 2008.

The members of ANC actively participate in various art competitions like MTV colors of youth, Impressions etc.

Also, ANC organizes The Face Painting event which attracts the large crowd of COEP and is fully enjoyed during an annual gathering.

ANC, as an external activity, successfully arranges a private exhibition at Balgandharva Kaladalan.


ANC always tries its best to enhance the exhibition quality introducing new artforms and inducting new members every semester. To be a part is not a difficult task. Unlike other clubs, ANC does not have its audition but simply expects new aspirants to attend its inauguration program and join. The art material needed is provided by the club. For any art lover, Its a great opportunity and a firm platform to learn, improve and showcase art skills. ANC, more than a team, is a family with a lot of fun and entertainment.

Contact :


Faculty Advisor  : Mrs. A.S.Petkar, Civil Department

Secretary           : Rutuja Ashtekar,, B.Tech EXTC (8308606384)

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