Minor Certificate in Mathematics with Specialization in Financial Engineering:


  •  Linear Algebra (semester I)
  • Univariate Calculus (semester II)

F.Y.B. Planning:

  • Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning I (semester I)
  • Statistical and Quantitative Methods in Planning II (semester II)


  • Ordinary differential Equation and Multivariate Calculus (semester III)
  • Vector Calculus and Partial Differential Equations ( semester IV) 

S. Y. (Direct) :

  • Linear Algebra And Univariate Calculus (semester III) 
  • Differential Equations and Multivariate Calculus (semester IV)

T.Y.B.Tech :

  • Probability theory &Statistical Inference (Electrical)
  • Numerical Methods with C++ (Production) 

Final Year B. Tech (ILOE) :

  • Complex Analysis

M.Tech :-

  • Computational Methods in Engineering 
  • Experimental Designs, Data Analysis and Quality Control 

Ph.D. :-

Compulsory Course of Mathematics


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