Liberal Learning Courses (LLC)

Liberal Learning Courses (LLC) is a dynamic initiative of the former Director Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe. Areas of study outside a technical classroom only enhance students’ knowledge, skills and awareness. Liberal Learning Courses begun in the year 2012 with a vision of expanding the horizons of knowledge of a variety of areas beyond engineering. However, one may find an association between these areas like agriculture and Engineering, or Entrepreneurship and Engineering in their own creative ways.

Hence, the agenda of these courses was brought into execution by the faculty members of Department of Applied Sciences. Dr. Manisha Khaladkar coordinated the courses in the year 2012 and 2013. Active participation in conducting course on Defence by former Director Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe and Dr. Ranjekar was remarkable.

All the faculty members at the Applied Science Department were actively involved in the coordination of this programme in which students found mentors and gathered information of a variety of subjects and presented self-studied topics to the faculty members. Professor Aparna Khandekar and Dr. Kshipra Moghe coordinated the courses thereafter.

In 2014, Professor Waychal gave a structured format for conducting the course. Then the nature of the course conductance changed as the number of students increased. It was run through moodle as well for a semester.

Dr. B.N. Chaudhari strongly supported the continuation of this concept, however in a different way. Experiment of inviting a mentor for the LLC to facilitate students’ learning process began with the music classes conducted by Mr. Vishal Moghe, which turned out successful.

From June 2015, Liberal Learning Courses got a new identity. Classes on more than 20 areas conducted by more than 20 experts from these particular areas after the regular classes at the college get over!

The experts have been invited from a pallet of fields in which students can either become connoisseurs who can appreciate and understand a subject outside their curriculum, or they can even integrate the learned subject in their area of work and research.

The team of experts are the mentors for the students who interact with them weekly (usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5.15 to 6.15pm) on the campus and design their own syllabus based on their expertise and students’ interests.

Students register first for the course, which is for one credit and then select any one area and enroll separately for it. Then the classes begin around Mid- July of each academic year, and January of even semester. Evaluation out of 100 depends on the evaluation scheme which is dependent on the area of study. It ranges from debates, presentations, mini-projects, class tests, viva to simulated work-teams.

The ardent guidance and support of the Head of the Department Dr. Jayant. A. Kher has helped LLC stay dynamic and ever-evolving.

The LLC is now coordinated by Adjunct Professor Poorva Kulkarni from year 2015. For a detailed brochure of the courses, or any queries, please feel free to drop an email on: or contact no.- 02025507552.

Following is the list of areas and the experts:

Sr. No.

LLC  Area



Agriculture Batch A

Dr. Dhumal


Agriculture Batch B

Dr. Bhujbal



Amit Janorikar



Col. Giridhar (Retd.)


Corporate Culture

Mr. Sunil Patil


Painting  Batch A

Mrs. Anjali Apte,  Mrs.


Painting Batch B

Jayashree Dingankar


Clay Art and  Pottery

Janhavi Ghospurikar



Poorva  Kulkarni



Kaustubh Rajwade



Jui Natu-Kanitkar


Medicine and Health

Dr. Meenal Bhide


Music (Vocal

Vishal Moghe


Music (Instrumental)

Prof. K.R. Mahajan



Sonal Pendse Patil


Film Making

Abhijeet Saumitra


Political Science

Mrs. Rekha Palshikar



Dr. Anushri Kadam



Chandrashekahr Rathod



Nakul Aphale


We wish all the students success in the future endeavors and a treasure of knowledge complementary to their curriculum through LLC and a liberating experience!

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