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We are, COEP Wellness Center मित्र, that stands for a friend and that’s what we aim to be.Every life is worth living and every breath is worth saving”, is the philosophy that मित्र profess. मित्र started as an idea out of the need to provide professional counseling to students who seek help. Under the able leadership of our Centre Head Dr. Kshipra Moghe, with the constant encouragement from our Hon. Director Prof. M.S. Sutaone, Deputy Director Dr. M J Rathod, with undeterred support and efforts of our Ex-Director Prof. B.B. Ahuja and the Centre Administrator Mrs. Nandini Iyer, and many others, the wellness center has been catering to the mental health of students, faculty and staff. मित्र was inaugurated on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2019, which is celebrated as its Foundation Day.

Within one year of its establishment, our centre’s contribution received 1st in Counseling and Telesupport category (along with COEP being 1st in Overall Impact category) in the UchchaSamsthan Vishwakarma Award (USVA-2020) from the AICTE. These awards were to acknowledge the contribution made by various institutions all over India in the community during the COVID 19 pandemic and the theme was "India Fights Corona".

Our Team

Centre Administrator- Mrs. Nandini Iyer

Centre Head and In-house Expert-Psychologist- Dr. Kshipra Moghe

In-house Expert- Psychologist- Mrs. Tanuja Kher

External Expert-Psychologist- Ms. Manasi Kshirsagar

External Expert- Psychiatrist- Dr. Himani Kulkarni (Poona Hospital& Jupiter Hospital)

Core team of select students and ICareWeCare volunteers

Our Activities

As part ofमित्र, we run 5initiatives that make मित्र a place for all. Here is an overview of our activities conducted in the past :-

  1. Professional Psychological Counseling – Counseling sessions are provided to those who approach us or those who are referred to us. Our team of experts, all experienced Psychologists, are available as per a pre-decided schedule.
  2. .I Care We Care - This activity is basically to organize bonding sessions between senior students and the juniors, especially the first years. All the passionate and dedicated group of student mentors who are willing to help the newcomers and fellow mates are a part of this activity. It incorporates taking a lead to reach out to fellow mates, help them open-up, provide support, identify resources that may help, becoming a bridge between them and the resource, taking follow-ups and basically staying connected. The team undergoes a sensitivity training that incorporates basic counseling skills that enable the team members to listen carefully, empathize better and offer rational help. This activity has run successfully online. Also, the entire team of I-Care-We-Care are a part of the First Year ‘Student Induction Program’ as mentors to the fellow juniors.
  3. I Learn - This incorporates training sessions or workshops that are arranged based on the need and demand of the students. This includes various topics that are beneficial and interesting for students and faculty. correction and simple sitting exercises.
  4. OpenSpace- This is a one-of-a-kind activity which is like a listening circle that invites students to discuss OPENLY about select topics. There are times when we wish to discuss things and share views about topics that are otherwise too difficult, tabooed, or complex. Listening circles are a great way to collaborate, express and listen without judging and without being judged. This is for the un-like-minded people to become like minded. The thrust of this activity is on Listening, a skill that is highly underrated and is highly necessary.
  5. Insights - This activity focuses on conducting research studies primarily related to mental health and behavioural aspects, since without facts and confirmation of assumptions, everything is a fantasy while life is not. To understand the behaviour of students and identify what works and what doesn’t, Insights invite all those who have a research aptitude and are interested in studying behaviour, for it requires a scientific mind to unwind the machine called mind.

We are open to collaborations from relevant organizations and groups. You may reach out to us at the following numbers or you can write to us on our email.

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