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All Round-development is what College Of Engineering Pune is pursuing, thus along with Technical Clubs there are many Non-technical clubs in COEP that support Hobbies of Student, Arts and Crafts Club is one of the clubs.  Arts and Crafts is one of the Largest Clubs  of  College Of Engineering Pune, IT is a Hub for all the Artists in COEP to come together and showcase their talent in Art and Crafts.

Arts and Crafts  has been instrumental in showcasing their work during events like Mindspark , Regatta and Gathering.  Here is the detailed report of Club activities carried out during the Academic Year 2022-23.

During the Technical Festival “Mindspark”, Arts and Crafts Club holds a Grand Exhibition in Main Building, College of Engineering Pune. The Exhibition is of 150 paintings, 50  Craft works, one Center Of Attraction Painting(height of painting is approximately 12ft, width is more than 15ft ), one Main Craft (standing in the center of Exhibition Hall ). Paintings include - Graphite Pencil Sketches, Charcoal Pencil Sketches, Color Pencil Sketches, Ball Pen Sketches, etc. Entire one month Arts and Crafts Team works hard to prepare the exhibition. The Arts and Crafts team also teaches the enthusiastic students about different Art forms, different Craft Work, etc.

Many workshops are arranged for the students to teach them new things

Some of the workshops are

  1. Pot Painting Workshop

Pot Painting Workshop  was conducted on 24th August 2022 for Coepians only. All the materials like pots, colors, brushes, etc were provided by the club. We had around 100 participants. It was a very enlightening and rich atmosphere to many Art Seeking Students. Arts and Crafts team taught the basics of Pot painting workshop.

  1. Mandala Workshop

Mandala workshop was organized during the inauguration of Club,  on 24th September 2022. Many participants gathered in huge numbers to learn Mandala Artform. The event had approximately 50-60 Participants, which was open to all the years and all the departments in the college. The guidance was given by the club members. Trying new forms of Art is food for enthusiasm ,thus many were interested in the workshop. Arts and Crafts team taught the participants the basics of T-Shirt Painting.

  1. Lippan Art Workshop

Lippan Art Workshop was conducted on 16th Feb 2023. The workshop was open to all Coepians without any entry fee. The workshop was conducted by the club members and have guided each participant to create the lippan art of their own choice.This workshop also had around 70-80 participants .The materials like wooden board, clay, mirrors, and others things required were provided by the club .These artworks will be exhibited in the coming exhibition.

  1. Mindspark Exhibition

Mindspark Exhibition for this year was from 13 to 15 January 2023 in the Main Building of our college.It included sections like Pots ,Mandala , Alumini and Freshers. It had all the work which was done by the club members .

  1. Gathering Exhibition

During 3 days of Gathering 7th,8th and 9th april , We Arts and Crafts Club members had an exhibition in Main Building with contained a Centre Of Attraction also known as main Painting of DagduSheth Temple, A Sculpture of Lord Ganesh made using 30kg of shadu mati, a UV light Section in which we made aquarium  and main craft which consisted of different instruments. We also had different kinds of 150 + paintings and painted pots and lippan art in exhibition

  1. Face Painting Event

This year Face Painting Event took place on 4th April 2023 in front of the placement cell.The participants were given the brushes and acrylic colors and everyone with their partner painted each other's faces.The event was full of fun and enthusiasm. The Event was judged by guest Mrs. Phalak Ma’am and Faculty Advisors of Arts and Crafts Club. We had 3 winners

1.Varadraj Jadhav and Gauri Patil

2.Sayali Bansode and Sawari Vairale

3.Yash Jadhav and Shreyas Tayade

In this way Face Painting Event took place successfully after 3 years.

Secretary: Neha Samarth

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Nilima Patil


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