COEP Consulting Club

We are obsessed with the letter 'C'
After all, we are all preparing to become 'C'-suite executives
The 4 C activities we do are: cases, concepts, ceynotes, conversations!
Our team of highly motivated and resourceful student consultants undertake cases and consulting engagements internally from the college as well as externally from the corporate and NGOs. Some of our clients are:
- Director of 50+ year higher educational institute
- Vice President of HR of a fortune-500 wealth management firm
- Director of IBD Tech division of a fortune-500 financial services company
A consultant is only as resourceful as the concepts that he holds a command over. To make sure that our team of student consultants are upto date with trends that are shaping the future of workplace, humanity, internet and the industry, we deeply study Mckinsey Quaterly articles and analyse them to get a crystal clear picture of what these concepts are.
There's nothing like getting some face to face time and mentorship from the people who have actually been consultants or closely worked with consultants in the industry. That is why, we arrange ceynotes!
We have mind boggling conversations with leaders and visionaries from the Corporate who help us delve deep into the corporate world and help us understand how things are done, what trends are affecting the industry and where the industry is going.

Our offical website is under construction, so stay tuned!

Founding Secretary
Arnab Banerjee
B.Tech EnTC
Faculty Advisor
Dr. U. M. Chaskar
020 2550 7176

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