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COEP Amateur Radio Club established in 1986 makes itself the oldest technical club of College of Engineering Pune. Starting with vacuum tube transmitters, today the club have gradually upgraded the lab and now it holds advanced transmitters and receivers and other latest equipment. COEP's Amateur Radio Club communicates with HAM radio users using the callsign VU2COE. COEP "HAM"s have communicated with almost each and every corner of the world and even with the International Space Station. Every year, HAM Club organizes the A.S.O.C. examination and also coaches students for the same. It also conducts introductory workshops, basic antenna designing workshops annually in COEP and also in other colleges on invitation. The club successfully provides the complete communication link during the various prestigious events of the College of Engineering Pune like Regatta, Mind-spark, Zest, and M.R.A. races held at the COEP Boat Club. COEP HAM Club provides platform for research in field of Antenna and wireless communication and publish research papers about it.

For further Details please visit:- http://www.coep.org.in/ham


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